Yard Perfect

We make yards perfect all over Southside Hampton Roads: Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake. Please call us for reliable yard maintenance.

Lawn Mowing

We would be glad to take on the mowing and edging of your yard.  Each yard is different and we understand that you may have a specific way that you would like your yard to be mowed.


Mulch is great to add to your flower beds in the spring to suppress weeds, retain moisture, and moderate soil temperature.  Mulch is also good in the fall to protect the plants from the cold.

Gutter Cleaning

Those trees look beautiful in the spring, summer, and even in the fall. For most when they see the leaves changing color they know there is a lot of back breaking raking and bagging of leaves to be done.

Yard Perfect was created to take the hassle of everyday yard work away from those who want to save time and leave the hard work to professionals.

I want to thank Jon Redner for the great job he did at my Mother’s home. We appreciate his prompt response to our update requests and the speed in which he completed the job. He removed many bags of leaves and old mulch from the flowers beds. The yard looks 100% better! We look forward to his bi-weekly mowings. 

We highly recommend his services to anyone needing landscaping. We wish him all the best, with one satisfied customer at a time.

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